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What are “Vegan Translations”? The Vegan Translations concept ensures that everyone involved in the project follows a vegan lifestyle.

By choosing Vegan Translations, you help to protect the climate, animal rights and our environment.

Here we explain what it’s all about.

Vegane Fachübersetzungen machen den Unterschied

Vegan Translations make a real difference.

Animals have, for far too long, been (and still are) used, abused, caged for experimentation and entertainment, and killed, simply for our momentary enjoyment.

The fact is that the livestock industry is causing CO2 emissions that exceed those of the entire transport sector. By now, we all know what that means for our climate.

Vegan Translations offer a solution for all those who believe that we have a responsibility towards our planet.

Vegan Translations give us the opportunity to contribute to keeping the world livable for you, for us all, and for all the generations after us.

When you order a Vegan Translation, you not only receive a first-class expert translation, as always, but you also support a renowned organization that does its utmost to promote both animal rights and animal welfare. It lets you actively contribute to environmental protection, so you can play a part in helping to achieve the imperative climate targets.

Vegan Translations are charged the usual prices and are in line with our usual high standards.

Support animals by choosing Vegan Translations.

How do Vegan Translations work?

Everybody involved in these translation projects are vegans:

    • Project Managers
    • Translators
    • Editors
    • Reviewers

Vegan means: those involved avoid the use of animals or animal products in all areas of their lives. Most are committed for ethical reasons, because they don’t want to play a part in animals being tortured and killed. Environmental protection and individual health are also reasons for a vegan lifestyle.

Naturally, all our translation jobs are managed in such a way as to conserve resources. DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR runs on 100% green electricity and is 100% paperless.

We donate 10% of the order value to PETA Deutschland eV (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), an organization that campaigns for animal rights (see

In 2021 we were able to donate a total of €5075.00 to PETA.

Thank you for your support on behalf of all those who have no voice, yet desperately need our help!

Vegan Translations are currently available for the following language pairs:

    • English – German
    • French – German
    • Italian – German
    • German – English
    • German – French
    • English – Hungarian

Image: © Igor Marach, Kyiv (Thank you, Igor!)

Simply request a "vegan translation" when placing your order! We'll take care of the rest.

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Fachübersetzungen sind Vertrauenssache. Know-how, Erfahrung und Innovation machen den Unterschied. Es geht darum, was du wirklich brauchst.

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Fachübersetzungen sind Vertrauenssache. Know-how, Erfahrung und Innovation machen den Unterschied. Es geht darum, was du wirklich brauchst.

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