CO Translations

Collaborative Translations

Certified and accurate professional translations.

What are CO translations?

“CO” is the name we’ve given our highly flexible, collaborative (CO) translation workflows.

DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR offers a scalable modular system that covers all the bases. CO translations are certified in accordance with ISO 17100.

Verantwortung, Kompetenz und Integrität

Do you need precise specialized translations, 100% compliant with your requirements? Then your solution is CO translations.

How do the CO translations work?

CO allocates fixed project managers, along with a dedicated team of highly specialized linguists who fulfill all the specified requirements.

The flexible workflow integrates the entire range of project-specific resources necessary to process the current project to its optimal level.

Workflows executed via CO are of a higher standard than that required by ISO 17100 because CO seamlessly integrates all the additional services.

CO is able to access your company-specific memories and glossaries. You can integrate your colleagues in the translation process (e.g. for the proofreading in the target country), efficiently and seamlessly.

A2 Doku GmbH
We really appreciate the support. The fast response times and project management via the portal ensure that collaboration is both uncomplicated and pleasant. Their team is always at our disposal, responding quickly to our specific questions and special requests.
Silvia Schulte
Adler-Werk Lackfabrik
They've been a reliable service provider and partner, and have been translating our specialist texts for many years. We particularly appreciate the outstanding teamwork. Any issues are discussed first, then we collaborate to achieve the best solution. Translations are processed and coordinated quickly and efficiently. All our required languages are serviced by a single provider. Delivery is on time every time, yet the translations are always of very good quality.
Julia Brunner
Egger Group
We respect our main translation agency DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR as a reliable and solution-oriented partner. Our orders, now for up to 40 languages, are processed with great dedication and accuracy even on tight deadlines.
Barbara Poxhofer
Collaboration is super-easy and efficient. Fast response times and a consistently helpful and client-centric approach, are the two aspects I appreciate most in our collaboration. The translations are completed within agreed timelines. We can therefore keep concentrating on our core business, using high-quality translated texts.
Stephan Grad
Parador GmbH
We've been working together for many years, translating marketing and communication materials, and have already successfully implemented numerous projects in collaboration. In addition to the excellent quality and fast delivery, we appreciate the team's input and personal motivation. For complex projects, we collaborate to find "out-of-the-box" solutions. DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR makes such solutions possible due to its flexible and innovative management approach.
Jutta Wiebe
RWG Germany GmbH
We are impressed by their professional service: high quality, error-free translations, fair price-performance ratio, on-time deliveries. Plus open and friendly communication. Highly competent and supportive employees.
Melanie Muth
Schattdecor AG
A reliable, fast and competent partner. Even for last-minute projects relating to our day-to-day business, I always get really fast service. I can always rely on their professional support. So far, every request has been completed to my complete satisfaction, and we have also been able to successfully master extensive, complex projects together.
Daniela Schweiger
Zhik PTY Ltd.
DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR have been an excellent partner in our business’s localisation program, allowing us to grow our business by unlocking new markets “in language”. Our business previously operated 5 English language webstores and have been able to add French, German, Spanish and Italian translated websites in a relatively short time frame thanks to the team at DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR. We have been impressed with their service levels and recommend them to any business or individual looking for translation services.
Patrick Ward
Keller minimal windows S.A.
Despite the technically loaded text, the translation made is very precise and correct. We have found an agency that we will continue to work with a lot. Great work!
Philippe Huylebroeck

So, what can CO do for you?

CO delivers the specific services you need. Delivering the precise results you require.

The flexible modular system provides you with experienced, specialized translators and experts to service a wide range of requirements.

Our translation agency has been a specialist in complex translation management for over 30 years. Our expertise is evident in each and every service we offer.

It’s really simple to order your CO projects via the portal:

These are your benefits with the CO workflow.

CO workflows are managed according to a modular system based on the ISO 17100 norm. The flexible system takes into account all requirements that may arise, as they are needed.

Here, we present the most important advantages. You’ll be delighted with the various solutions that simplify your life significantly, while still delivering superior results.

Should you have any questions, or if you’d like to discuss any special requirements, simply book a meeting with Christian Faust via the contact button at the bottom of the page.

When complex translation projects succeed or fail, it’s all about project management. Experienced project managers guarantee the substantive quality, smooth workflow, and good communication between all parties, as well as compliance with deadlines. Above all, they prepare projects thoroughly, preventing any nasty surprises. Your benefit: Your projects are always well-managed and you can rely on us to ensure its successful execution. So, you can go ahead and take care of your core tasks with complete peace of mind.

Some key basic principles apply to our CO workflows. An important principle is that we create dedicated, set teams to support you and your company. By employing specific experts, we ensure that they become increasingly familiar with your company and your requirements. This ensures continuously improved results and is one of the reasons why we’ve built a loyal customer base, retaining customers for decades.
Your benefit: A specific team of experts guarantees extremely efficient collaboration in the long term.

Specializations in the translation field can be diverse: technology, marketing, law, finance, etc. It’s the reason we don’t apply a “one size fits all” approach. We select the most appropriate and qualified linguists for each project. So you don’t need to worry about your experts’ qualifications and skills. Your benefit: You’ll always have the most optimally specialized experts available for your content, regardless of the specific area of expertise.
The CO workflow is extremely flexible. We manage the translation process so that you’ll receive your translations safely, as per the pre-agreed deadline. Compliance with deadlines is sacrosanct. Therefore, we assign as many linguists and experts as required for each project. Additionally, we even make ourselves available beyond the standard business hours. Your benefit: You can rely on us to meet the agreed deadlines, without any concerns.
CO saves all translations and these are available for subsequent translations. Whatever has been saved in the CO memory is suggested to the translator, taking context into account. Matches from previous projects can be utilized. This increases quality and consistency and decreases turnaround times. Matches from previous projects are free of charge. Your benefit: high quality and consistency, even when the turnaround is tight. Matches and repetitions are not charged.
Terminology plays a central role in translation work. That’s why terminology management is a standard element of our service package. A client-specific glossary of technical terms is created for all our customers, updated in real-time. We provide the terminology module to our regular customers free of charge. Your benefit: consistent expert translations every time. Free use of our terminology module.
When it comes to translations, the aim has always been to equalize the delivery triangle: high quality at low prices, with fast turnaround times. Up until now, this has been unsuccessful. However, CO translations deliver just that! Our translation platform integrates all the experts, (including customers) into the work process in real-time, utilizing all the available resources. Your benefit: high quality at a low price, with a quick turnaround. Exactly what you’ve always wanted.
There are no restrictions to the language pairs via CO translations. You can leverage all the business languages you require for your business, and in any combination. It ensures that you don’t have to change service providers should you expand your operations and include more languages going forward. Your benefit: all languages can be managed reliably via a single source.
CO stands out for its transparent prices for all services provided You’ll receive a detailed quote prior to commencement. The price is guaranteed. The statistics show the repetitions from previous translations. These are free of charge. Long-term collaboration pays off twice and thrice over. Your benefit: detailed quotes before commencing work and a transparent, guaranteed price that will decrease in the long term.
If you work with WordPress, Magento, Drupal, or Joomla, you will love our best-in-class automation; this system can be used to configure workable and robust scenarios for continuous localization without much integration effort. Linking and integrating these commonly-used CMS systems is available free of charge. Your benefit: optimized workflows and automated processes. It noticeably reduces your workload.
Our system is cloud-based. All data transmission is SSL secured. All data is hosted in several tier-4 data centers that are monitored around the clock. Data availability is therefore guaranteed at all times. Your benefit: guaranteed security and availability of all data at no cost to you, with no additional effort required.
We provide you with a portal via which you can order your expert translations simply and reliably, in less than two minutes (also via mobile). There you’ll be able to view your files, quotes, translations, work progress, etc. Simply brilliant. Your benefit: your efforts are minimized. You can access all your information, clearly presented in one place.

It's like having an in-house team, only better.

Of course, CO translations do not stand alone. “DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR” seamlessly connects this product with LoLa and MAeX®. All resources are available across the board and support all areas of your company.

In a nutshell.

You’re looking for the best solution for you and your company? Then let’s chat!

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