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Office Hours
With current overview of holidays
Here you can find our general office hours and the days we are closed (with alternative availability)
General Terms and Conditions
You can find our General Terms and Conditions here.
These will apply to all orders placed unless divergent terms have been agreed upon in writing.
Only Correct Terminology Wins
A technical translation stands and falls with the terminology. We explain how you can avoid annoying mistakes and manage your terminology correctly (and easily).
ISO 17100 Certification
The Translation Standard
ISO 17100 defines standards and requirements for professional translation services. It places high demands on the linguistic skills, style, as well as the consistency of terminology. We are ISO 17100 certified.
Machine Assisted eXpertise
MAeX® is the modern solution for technical translations. MAeX® is reliable, fast, cost-effective. MAeX® is certified in accordance with ISO 18587. MAeX® is only available from us.
Only we offer this new and unique service.
Vegan is the trend. Why? Because vegan is an answer to our global crisis. That’s why we have developed vegan translations. Vegan translations are only available from us.
ISO 18587 Certification
Machine Translation
ISO 18587 is the standard for “machine translation” (MT). Here we explain what the standard means and what advantages the MT solution offers you.

The 10 Golden Rules in Translation Management

Golden Rule #10
You should create Translation Teams
Contemporary translation management is driven by teamwork. Dedicated teams of allocated linguists guarantee that all requirements can be confidently and consistently met.

News & Events

Corporate Employee Internships
In 2023, and going forward, we will be offering exclusive corporate internships.
Translation management is a complex function. We’ll share our best practices with you so that you can be certain that you will achieve your goals and expectations.
FaustTranslations changes its company name
We will change our company name. The company will be called DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR, effectively repositioning itself within the market.
What does this mean for you?

About us

Cycle To Farms
Contributing to Regenerative Agriculture
The Cycle to Farms project is an advocacy project which aims to document different farmers’ realities across EU, the Middle East and Africa, while cycling from farm to farm.
Save The Children
Children are Our Future
DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR, therefore, supports Save The Children, the largest independent organization advocating for children’s rights, with both donations and translation services.
Translation Internships
Complete an Internship With Us, In-House, or Remote
Students have the opportunity to complete their mandatory foreign language internships via our company.
Code of Ethics
Responsibility, Competence, Integrity
Compliance with the moral and ethical principles of the Code of Ethics is an indispensable standard of value for all activities of our employees.
We Plant a Tree. Every Single Day. Each One of Us!
Trees are an effective means of fighting the climate crisis. We support Plant For The Planet to reforest the primary forests on Madagascar.