Machine Assisted eXpertise

High-Tech for Technical Translations.

Who, or what, is MAeX®?

MAeX® is an acronym describing a highly efficient translation process that combines state-of-the-art technology with human expertise.

MAeX® translates your technical texts quickly, dependably, and at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.


Do you need fast, accurate, reliable, technical translations that are also inexpensive? Then MAeX® is your solution.

So, how does MAeX® work?

MAeX® assists professional native-language translators by facilitating the translation process via its specialized neural translation engine.

It enables translators to access existing translations (from the translation memory), specialist terminology related to the industry, as well as company-specific terminology.

The translation memories and glossaries are updated in real-time as the translation progresses and are therefore always up-to-date.

Professional translators draft the final translation on the basis of the MAeX® pre-translation.

A2 Doku GmbH
We really appreciate the support. The fast response times and project management via the portal ensure that collaboration is both uncomplicated and pleasant. Their team is always at our disposal, responding quickly to our specific questions and special requests.
Silvia Schulte
Adler-Werk Lackfabrik
They've been a reliable service provider and partner, and have been translating our specialist texts for many years. We particularly appreciate the outstanding teamwork. Any issues are discussed first, then we collaborate to achieve the best solution. Translations are processed and coordinated quickly and efficiently. All our required languages are serviced by a single provider. Delivery is on time every time, yet the translations are always of very good quality.
Julia Brunner
Egger Group
We respect our main translation agency DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR as a reliable and solution-oriented partner. Our orders, now for up to 40 languages, are processed with great dedication and accuracy even on tight deadlines.
Barbara Poxhofer
Collaboration is super-easy and efficient. Fast response times and a consistently helpful and client-centric approach, are the two aspects I appreciate most in our collaboration. The translations are completed within agreed timelines. We can therefore keep concentrating on our core business, using high-quality translated texts.
Stephan Grad
Parador GmbH
We've been working together for many years, translating marketing and communication materials, and have already successfully implemented numerous projects in collaboration. In addition to the excellent quality and fast delivery, we appreciate the team's input and personal motivation. For complex projects, we collaborate to find "out-of-the-box" solutions. DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR makes such solutions possible due to its flexible and innovative management approach.
Jutta Wiebe
RWG Germany GmbH
We are impressed by their professional service: high quality, error-free translations, fair price-performance ratio, on-time deliveries. Plus open and friendly communication. Highly competent and supportive employees.
Melanie Muth
Schattdecor AG
A reliable, fast and competent partner. Even for last-minute projects relating to our day-to-day business, I always get really fast service. I can always rely on their professional support. So far, every request has been completed to my complete satisfaction, and we have also been able to successfully master extensive, complex projects together.
Daniela Schweiger
Zhik PTY Ltd.
DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR have been an excellent partner in our business’s localisation program, allowing us to grow our business by unlocking new markets “in language”. Our business previously operated 5 English language webstores and have been able to add French, German, Spanish and Italian translated websites in a relatively short time frame thanks to the team at DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR. We have been impressed with their service levels and recommend them to any business or individual looking for translation services.
Patrick Ward
Keller minimal windows S.A.
Despite the technically loaded text, the translation made is very precise and correct. We have found an agency that we will continue to work with a lot. Great work!
Philippe Huylebroeck

What can MAeX® do for you?

MAeX® enables a completely new and effortless approach to the management of your technical translation process. So that you can take it easy.

MAeX® is faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective than previous translation processes while still providing absolute reliability. Even tight delivery deadlines can easily be met.

MAeX® is certified in accordance with ISO 18587. This standard confirms that the process is “comparable with human translations”.

Simply order your MAeX® translations via our portal:

These are your benefits with MAeX®.

MAeX® offers you a whole range of benefits, including the full scope of services required for your technical translation process.

Here, we present the most important advantages. You’ll be delighted with the various solutions that simplify your life significantly, while still delivering superior results.

Should you have any questions, or if you’d like to discuss any special requirements, simply book a meeting with Christian Faust via the contact button at the bottom of the page.

Your assigned project managers will select the most suitable linguists for your language pairs; dedicated teams which are specially assigned to your company. These linguists are both native-language speakers and specialized in your company’s area of expertise. Your trusted and dedicated translation team has an in-depth understanding of your company’s specialized content. Your benefit: A dedicated team of expert translators with sufficient capacity to take on your work whenever you need them.
The neural pre-translation provides a “raw” translation, which accesses existing translation memories and glossaries, a sound basis for your specialized task force. The automated neural network is always learning. While the translation is being revised, MAeX continuously delivers improved results. Your benefit: The time saved means immediate cost savings and faster turn-around times. It also means that specialized linguists are able to focus on fine-tuning the content.
Your allocated MAeX ® project managers are your dedicated points of contact. They serve your company, supporting you and your colleagues. They ensure that all communication between the various project participants is well-managed. They clarify queries and ensure that all conditions and delivery deadlines are met, exactly as agreed. Your benefit: Your project managers will manage your project accurately, professionally, and exactly as per your specifications. You can always count on us.
MAeX saves all translations and these are available for subsequent translations. All content saved in the translation memory is automatically shown to the expert translators as a translation suggestion, according to the context, improving both consistency and efficiency. Your benefit: Existing translations from your translation memory are not charged. The cost savings are immediately apparent.
While translating, your dedicated linguists continually create a glossary of technical terms. The saved terms are mandatory. This glossary may be supplemented, amended or commented on, at any time. The terminology manager can be utilized by all our customers free of charge. Your benefit: consistent translations every time and free access to our terminology tool for anyone in your company.
MAeX® is particularly good at urgent projects. After all, MAeX® was created for maximum efficiency. This applies to all the available resources, but especially to the turnaround time. Your project managers ensure strict compliance with the agreed deadline. Your benefit: your translations are delivered on time, every time, even for tight deadlines. Without any surcharges.

You will be quoted according to a precise analysis of your documents when requesting a MAeX® translation. It takes into account existent translations stored in memory, as well as repetitions. Repetitions are not charged.
Your benefit: an instant overview of translation costs and savings at your fingertips. It couldn’t be more transparent.

You need certainty and reliability. Not only in terms of quality and on-time delivery, but also in terms of translation costs. MAeX® is also a winner in this area: simply multiply the number of words x € 0.09. The minimum order value is EUR 60.00 per language pair. No “ifs” or “buts”.
Your benefit: an unbeatable price with an extensive range of services, including everything you could possibly require.

A separate DIN standard on post-editing has recently been created, which applies to the way MAeX® works. We strictly observe and document compliance. DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR is certified accordingly.
Your benefit: you have the assurance of a regulated and certified process that meets all the standard requirements.

The most common language pairs are available right now. DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR is continuously developing and integrating additional language pairs into MAeX®. Your benefit: further improvements in efficiency and universally reduced translation costs in the long term.

MAeX® processes all text formats and the most common image formats which contain translatable text. For formats that can be overwritten, you’ll receive your translated content in the same file format as the original. Alternatively, as a Word file. It’s really simple and straightforward.
Your benefit: time-consuming conversions and the error-prone copy & paste method are a thing of the past. Save time.

Our system is cloud-based. All data transmission is SSL secured. All data is hosted in several tier-4 data centers that are monitored around the clock. Data availability is therefore guaranteed at all times.
Your benefit: guaranteed security and availability of all data at no cost to you, with no additional effort required!

MAeX® can be accessed via our portal and is available to you. Simply place and track your orders here. You’ll also find an overview of all your files, quotes, translations, work in progress, and you can manage your glossaries, translation memories, etc.
Your benefit: even less effort on your part. You can access all your information, clearly presented in one place.

It's like having an in-house team, only better.

Naturally, MAeX® does not operate alone. DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR has seamlessly integrated this product with LoLa and CO. All resources are available across the board, to ensure exceptional support in all areas of your company’s operations.

In a nutshell.

You’re looking for the best solution for you and your company? Then let’s chat!

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