MAeX®, our distinct approach to specialized translations enters its next phase, becoming even more powerful in its capabilities.

MAeX®+GPT-4 is certified according to ISO 18587.

MAeX®+GPT-4 is only available with us.


High-tech for specialized translations

In our ever developing world those who harness technological progress undoubtedly reap advantages. Brand new: MAeX® is now fully supported by GPT-4.

What does this mean for you?

✔️ The field of application of MAeX® has been considerably extended to all types of texts.

✔️ MAeX®+GPT-4 work together to produce impeccable results, comparable to a purely human translation.

✔️ MAeX®+GPT-4 offers you security through certification. MAeX®+GPT-4 is ISO 18587 certified and comes with our quality guarantee.

✔️ MAeX®+GPT-4 is not only fast but also cost-effective (0.09 €/word; 100-103 % matches and repetitions free of charge).

Do you require fast, accurate, reliable, technical translations that are cost-friendly? Then MAeX® is your solution.

Your advantages with MAeX®+GPT-4

MAeX®+GPT-4 offers you a whole range of benefits, covering everything you could possibly need for your specialized translation.
Here are a few of the benefits that MAeX provides for you. You’ll be delighted with the various solutions that simplify your life significantly, while still delivering superior results.
Specialized Native Translators
Our dedicated project managers will select the most suitable linguists for your language pairs; these dedicated teams are then specially assigned to your company. We choose qualified linguists that are not only native-language speakers but are specialized in your company’s area of expertise. This ensures that your trusted and dedicated translation team has an in-depth understanding of your company’s specialized content.
Your benefit: A dedicated team of expert translators with the knowledge and capacity to take on your work whenever you need them.
Full support through GPT-4
Machine pre-translation provides a „raw“ translation, which accesses existing translation memories and glossaries, a sound basis for your specialized team to work with. MAeX’s automated neural network is always learning. While the translation is being revised, MAeX continuously delivers improved results to provide us with the most optimal translation for your text.
Your benefit: The time saved means immediate cost savings and faster turn-around times. It also means that specialized linguists are able to focus on fine-tuning the content.
Project Management
Your allocated MAeX ®+GPT-4 Project Managers are your dedicated points of contact. They serve your company by supporting you and your colleagues throughout the entire process. They ensure that all communications between the various project participants are well-managed. They clarify queries and ensure that all conditions and delivery deadlines are met, exactly as agreed upon.
Your benefit: Your project managers will manage your project accurately, professionally, and exactly as per your specifications. You can always count on us.
Translation Memory
MAeX saves all translations and these are then made available for subsequent translations that may be needed in the future. All content saved in the translation memory is automatically shown to the specialized translators as a translation suggestion, according to the context, improving both consistency, efficiency, and continuity where needed.
Your benefit: Existing translations from your translation memory are not charged. The translation memory helps to increase the project’s overall speed and workflow – saving you money.

During the work, the translator creates a glossary of technical terms that are used in a binding manner. This glossary may be supplemented, amended or commented on, at any time. The terminology manager can be utilized by all our customers free of charge.
Your advantage: Consistent translations at all times and free-of-charge use of a terminology tool for your company.

Deadline service
MAeX®+GPT-4 is particularly good with urgent projects. After all, MAeX®+GPT-4 was created for maximum efficiency. This applies to the use of all resources and especially to the temporal component. Your project managers ensure strict compliance with the agreed deadline.
Your benefit: Your translations are delivered on time, every time, even for tight deadlines. All without any surcharges.
You will be quoted according to a precise analysis of your documents when requesting a MAeX®+GPT-4 translation. It takes into account existent translations stored in your memory, as well as repetitions. We also do not charge for repetitions.
Your benefit: An instant overview of translation costs and savings at your fingertips. It couldn’t be more transparent!
A Clear Pricing Structure
You need certainty and reliability. Not only in terms of quality and on-time delivery, but also in terms of translation costs. MAeX®+GPT-4 is also a winner in this area: simply multiply the number of words x € 0.09. The minimum order value is EUR 60 for each language combination. No „ifs“ or „buts“.
Your benefit: An unbeatable price with an extensive range of services, including everything you could possibly require.

Certified in accordance with ISO 18587
A separate ISO standard on post-editing has recently been created, which applies to the way MAeX ®+GPT-4 works. We strictly observe and document compliance. DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR is certified accordingly.
Your benefit: You have the assurance of a regulated and certified process that meets all the standard requirements.
Language Pairs
You have the 50 most common language combinations at your disposal. DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR is continuously developing and integrating additional language pairs into MAeX®+GPT-4.
Your benefit: Further improvements in efficiency and universally reduced translation costs in the long term.
File Formats
MAeX®+GPT-4 processes all text formats and the most common image formats which contain translatable text. For formats that can be overwritten, you’ll receive your translated content in the same file format as the original. Alternatively, as a Word file. We make this process simple and straightforward.
Your benefit: Time-consuming conversions and the error-prone copy & paste method become a thing of the past. Save time.
Your security is important to us. Our system is cloud-based. All data transmission is SSL secured and all data is hosted in several tier-4 data centers that are monitored around the clock. Data availability is therefore guaranteed at all times.
Your benefit: Guaranteed security and availability of all data at no cost to you, with no additional effort required!

Translation Portal
MAeX®+GPT-4 can be accessed via our portal and is available to you. Simply place and track your orders here. You’ll also find an overview of all your files, quotes, translations, work in progress, and you can manage your glossaries, translation memories, etc.
Your benefit: Even less effort on your part. You can access all your information, clearly presented in one place.

It's easy to get the results you want with MAeX®+GPT-4.
MAeX®+GPT-4 is only available with us!

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Christian is a state-certified expert translator and has been working as a freelancer in the translation industry for over 30 years.

His clients include well-known companies in commerce and industry, all of whom rely on his expertise and experience.

His passion is to leverage innovation in the translation industry and create valuable services that benefit his clients. He did exactly this when he developed LoLa, MAeX® ️ & CO.

He particularly relishes hearing the words: „We always do it that way!“ in consultations. 😅

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Fachübersetzungen sind Vertrauenssache. Know-how, Erfahrung und Innovation machen den Unterschied. Es geht darum, was du wirklich brauchst.

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